September 21, 2023  
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I am lousy gator bait

I took the day off today to go diving with a friend of mine. We hit the Cooper of course, and I was the first in. I found all most all of the teeth in the photo below in this spot. Man, it was a gold mine. I really wish we could have dived more there. Why didn't we, you ask? Well, when I came up from my dive, my friend says "Dude, get in the boat... hurry up." I replied that I was swimming as fast as I could, and why? He was looking toward the bank and motioning for me to come around the boat. He had kindof a worried look on his face. So obviously, I sped my pace a little. ;-) When I was in the boat I asked him what the deal was and he pointed over to the bank at about an 8 to 10 foot alligator. His head was as long as my torso! He said he never got more than about 30 feet from me, but when I surfaced, it started swimming towards me. As I approached the boat, it turned away. That's why the next dive was somewhere else! Too bad, too, because that other spot was SWEET!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/27/2001


My First Dive in the Cooper
My First Dive in the Cooper
Oligocene Fossil Cleanup Crew
Oligocene Fossil Cleanup Crew





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