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BRFC Day at the Cooper

A great opportunity arose this fossilin’ trip. Rivdigr called me and the great serrated Weezil up for a diving trip. The Digr was up in SC on vacation, and like all BRFC gents, took time to help remove fossils from their earthy domiciles. We met up at the boat ramp about 9AM, loaded up and took a nice boat ride in the Cooper. After gearing up, I flipped into the river and swam to the bottom. The first dive was, well, like my first time ever diving. My headlight kept coming loose from my head, and after about 30 minutes I realized I had not attached the, er, er, elastic chin-piece (OK, it is really an woman’s hair squencie, but hey, it is all about the fossils). I searched the bottom methodically and dug some, but mostly found broken teeth. During my ascent, I suffered a wardrobe malfunction….my tank’s O-ring broke and uh oh, no air. Of course I had too much weight so I only floated at about my forehead. When I surfaced (by kicking with a cramp), the boat was up-current. Man, time to swim to the bank. Luckily DW and Rivrdigr brought the boat down to snag me so I did not have to drop my belt. Good thing…Well the BRFC verbal bombs began to explode when they knew I was safe. It was good for me; it built character. We changed our gear, and the second dive was the opposite. After about two minutes, I racked my best giant thresher ever. After about another 30 minutes of picking up teeth and earbones, I stumbled across a tip sticking out the bottom. It was like DWs Lee Creek meg (w/o the Haleocene corporlite) underwater. I had to dig the tooth out and fan the sand/mud away to extract this meg. When I finished, the tooth was on a pedestal underwater. I bagged it, and collected a shammer angy, and some nice smaller teeth. Touche’ !!!. It was, as usual, a fun (and safe) day on the river.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added6/27/2006

A nice haul from the Cooper. Be sure to check out the Thresher.

1-3/8 Inch Giant Thresher
1-3/8 Inch Giant Thresher
4-1/2 Inch Megalodon
4-1/2 Inch Megalodon





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