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BRFC Day at the Cooper

It was time to plan a family vacation, I convinced my wife that S.C. would be a perfect place to go. After all, there was warm weather, sandy beaches and better yet--fossils! You can't have a family vacation without fossils. I gave D.W. & Da f0ssZ a call to see if they could break free to do some diving in the Cooper. They were able to get a day off during the week which was perfect because the weekends get pretty crowded on the river, especially a holiday weekend. We met up with dw and df that morning and headed to the spot. The first dive went pretty good for me, I didn't find much but it was still a good dive. I came up right after dw. When I got in the boat I noticed there was alot of water in the back of the boat which is somewhat normal when people are coming in from diving, but it still didn't look right . After I got my gear off I checked the hatch where the bilge pump is, sure enough it wasn't working and full of water. At the same time da fOssZ was coming up in need of assistance. After helping df in we headed to the ramp to drain the boat. Some people would have called it a day after that, but we headed out for another dive. I dove several more time that week, the pictures are from all the dives that week. I tried to keep them seperate but it didn't work.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/27/2006

The total haul for the week
some nice river megs
angustidens from the Cooper

Davis vegetable painkiller
Davis vegetable painkiller
2-5/8" angustiden
2-5/8" angustiden





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