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Where are all the teeth?

For a couple of days before Thanksgiving, the rains poured and my hopes for large serrated objects were greatly enhanced. Armed with clear buckets, the kids and I scoured the still flowing big ditch on the morning of Thanksgiving. We didn't see a soul and there were no footprints either. At the end of the hunt, our tooth pockets were all much lighter than they should have been. We we knew how much rain fell, so we were all a little bummed. With the passage of time and many excavators, the big ditch has become deeper and the fossil bearing layers have moved higher up the bank. They are seldom eroded anymore, thus the lack of copious fossils. We could have been home cooking, so we agreed this was a much better way to pass the time even considering the lightness of our harvest.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/17/2006


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