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Discovering a new spot with future potential

This is a trip from about a week ago. The whole weekend I spent some time driving around looking for new spots. The first day I found a new area, but the layer sucked and was only about three inches thick. The next day I came across another new developing area with finished ponds. It had just rained recently and I arrived a few hours before it would start to get dark. The area was surprisingly absent of foot prints. At this place it seems like every tooth above two inches was either mangled or destroyed, but I don’t care. I love being able to collect areas where I can just pick up large amounts of teeth walking and not have to break my back digging for them. Even though I wouldn’t mind doing that as well, but walking is just easier. This place is huge and I didn’t get enough day light time to cover the whole area. I’ll be back to clean out this place again soon.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/5/2007

Not bad for walking.

Juvenile Posterior Angustidens Tooth
Juvenile Posterior Angustidens Tooth
Fossil Smalltooth Sand Tiger Tooth
Fossil Smalltooth Sand Tiger Tooth
Fossil Hemi Shark Tooth
Fossil Hemi Shark Tooth





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