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Lumbering Around the Cretaceous

DW and T$ cruised up to my house Friday for the ride to the BRFC PCS weekend trip. We decided to try our collecting skills at a new locale, a borrow pit for a dump outside of Lumberton NC. The site is Cretaceous in age, and X-Dan had scored some nice fossils here. We arrived with about an hour until closing time so we got on the job. Little teeth were strewn about the flats. Some fresh material looked promising, but the lack of rain made the teeth a little better hidden. We all scored a few nice Striatolamia teeth and some Squalicorax. The draw of PCS was too much and we headed back to the truck about 4:15. We hoped for rain on PCS the whole way up, and our resident college-boy fancy pants helped us decipher Mother Earth’s clues. Guess how that one turned out?? We arrived in Washington around supper time, and T$ and myself stripped DW of his fossil mojo by feeding him a hamburger. His serrated confidence shrank with each bite of the all beef patty. Did it work??? Don’t miss the PCS trip post!!!

Location Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added5/4/2007

The haul from the Bladen Co. pit.

2 Crow shark teeth
2 Crow shark teeth
2 Cretaceous Sand Shark teeth
2 Cretaceous Sand Shark teeth
A Pit-Stop en route to Lee Creek
A Pit-Stop en route to Lee Creek





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