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Cretaceous Crawl

Since I moved down from NJ, I’ve been itching to get out and explore some of the great fossil locales North Carolina has to offer, other than Greensmill Run. My early December trip to a Cretaceous land site was promising but having my four year old son with me didn’t allow for much time collecting. Between Christmas and New Years, the opportunity presented itself to make a return visit, this time without the young’uns. Not being very familiar with the area, I spent most of the first hour walking around trying to determine where the most fossiliferous areas were. I came across a small area where a large shell layer was exposed and set up shop. I brought along a screen but trying to get the material through it was quite a task. I ended up spending most of my time utilizing the Pungo crawl, which ended up working pretty well since the area had received quite a bit of recent rain. Most of the finds were partial and/or beat up but I did manage a couple of decent finds.
Location Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added1/15/2007

Various fish teeth.
Croc teeth.
This is a partial reptilian tooth, probably croc. Even though it's not whole its nice to know there's at least the potential to find larger teeth.
Reptilian scutes
A reptilian phalange bone(?)

9/16" Crow Shark Tooth
9/16" Crow Shark Tooth
1 1/16" Crow Shark Tooth
1 1/16" Crow Shark Tooth
1 3/4" Goblin Shark Tooth
1 3/4" Goblin Shark Tooth
1/4" Hybodus Shark Tooth
1/4" Hybodus Shark Tooth





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