February 20, 2018  
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The heat related hiatus appears to be over

Well, its been a long time since I posted a report because I haven't been doing very much hunting. I tend to take the summers off here in Texas. Not by choice, but due to the very high temperatures and how dangerous it can be. But recently I did make a trip as I had an out of towner who contacted me via this website. We went and did some searching for some shark teeth and some other items. We ultimately were not as successful as I would've liked since what I consider the #1 place for shark teeth in the state of Texas was bone dry. Normally there's a certain body of water I love to hunt and the water tends to be around knee deep where I hunt but there are spots that reach 5-6'. This time there was not a drop of water to be had as its been a horrendous drought this summer. But, I do have something very very cool, and previously unseen on BRF to show to the masses. Ever see a complete fossil crab? Well now you have. This guy is about 2.5" wide and you can see the carapace, the front pinchers and he is just a very nice specimen. Too bad I don't have a bunch of wonderful teeth to show! But enjoy the crab...
Location Burleson County, Texas, USA

Date Added9/2/2006


Eocene Crab
Eocene Crab





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