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Casting off with "USS Fossil"

This was going to be only my second adventure for my new kayak which a friend dubbed "USS Fossil".  I was to hit the beachhead at daybreak, again at a new spot (most of these places are well know areas on the bay, but for me they are "new spots").  The day actually started off a little disappointing.  The tide was right, and the conditions looked good, but the teeth were not cooperating.  Eventually I started getting some finds for my new collection.  I found two small Megs, they were beat up, but since I am still in my first year of "toothin" any time I get a Meg, any Meg, its fun.  I eventually hit an area that looked good.  The water was clear, and teeth were available.  I ended up plucking a  large Snaggletooth that was around 1 6/8", pretty good size for this beach, and some nice Makos. Various bones and vertebra to round out a worth while trip.  Good hunting Chris
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added4/2/2007


low expectations on the bay
low expectations on the bay
choptank walk (southern fried meg)
choptank walk (southern fried meg)





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