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Size doesn't (always) matter...

The day began heading to the Calvert area a few hours before low tide. After finding one spot closed, we stopped for lunch and found the locals quite helpful with pointing out some spots. Arriving on the beach we were met with the surreal image of a silent but pretty crammed beach full of people with heads in collanders. At that moment, I realized the possibility of finding ones like I did with my brother in Summerville just reached  nil.

Even though, I was extremely pleased to find an tooth from an angel shark. My brother and I discussed a few days earlier Calvert teeth and I had said that I would rather have an Angel shark tooth than a Cow shark. Then my wife found the posterior Hammer Head, followed by the beautiful blond tooth. We continued to find many nice sand tiger teeth, ray plate fragments, bone fragments and a partial porpoise tooth.

Although we weren't able to land any of the big ones you guys have in the lowlands, I walked away pretty satisfied landing two small, but pretty uncommon teeth. It was a good day...

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added4/22/2007

Angel Shark, very small
Posterior Hammer Head
Physogaleus Contortus; similar to a tiger, but fatter.
A very nice Sand Tiger
A beautiful blonde my wife found
Group shot

Launch of the "Fossil Flyer"
Launch of the "Fossil Flyer"
Slow Day
Slow Day
mammal jaw!
mammal jaw!





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