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Footprints 4-29-07

We arrived at our normal spot soon after sunrise with an hour to low tide.The beach was mostly sand covered with no waves coming in ,it didn't look good. We headed opposite directions from the boat so we could get a pass in before someone showed up. I found bits of bone ,small teeth and 2 1 1/2 " makos .My son did a little better finding several makos ,2 squads and a broken chub . we wern't alone after that someone from the mgs had came down the beach. I guess she wasn't watching the ground ,as soon as I walked past her I found a 2 1/4 " chub in her footprint. We didn't find alot but with summer coming good teeth are harder to find.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added6/1/2007


A link to the past
A link to the past
i guess it was worth droping the cell phone over
i guess it was worth droping the cell phone over
Playing in the Dirt
Playing in the Dirt





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