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Sweet Megalodon from Chesapeake Bay!

Its taken me just about six months since I started shark tooth hunting to crack the 3" mark for the bay.  I have come very close on two occasions and did best it with a tooth from the Potomac in Virginia, but it was badly worn by the river.

My latest treasure checks in at 3  3/16".  I know this is not a particularly big tooth for some of the southern locations, but for Maryland its a great tooth.

The root is perfect.  The bourlette is whole and in good shape.  The serrations are crisp and sharp, and if it were not for the few missing by the very tip, this tooth would be perfect!  Another neat thing is the reddish-brick colored band under the bourlette.  The pictures don't do it justice but it looks really cool.  If you are wondering about the shiny sheen on the roots of most of my nicer teeth, its Paleo Bond.  I like the way it adds a little more protection to the fragile roots.

The beach also gave up some large bones and vertebra.  Definitely a good morning on the beach!!  Good hunting Chris

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added7/25/2007


Yes, it was worth it!
Yes, it was worth it!
Tooth-a-palooza 2008
Tooth-a-palooza 2008
Calvert Cliffs Rarity
Calvert Cliffs Rarity





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