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Paleoscan is my lucky charm

Paleoscan, I and our better halves got together for the Labor Day weekend for three days of fun along the Calvert Cliffs.  The wives spent lots of their free time with our jet ski and we used it when they weren't for quick trips to exposures.  Since it was a Holiday weekend and the beaches would be crawling with people we decided to go to spots that you could only get to by water.  On Sunday we headed south to Choptank and St. Marys exposures.  These spots can be spotty for the number of teeth but when you find one it can be a big 'en.  

After over an hour at our second spot and only finding a few crab claws the tide started to come in and I found several small teeth in the pebble band.  Paleoscan and I caught up to each other and he had a nice mako and we headed back to the jet ski to leave.  We were about 50 feet from the jet ski and walking side by side, Paleoscan taking low tide and me high when I saw it, a large blade wedged far under a block of shell concretion.  I let out a yelp and pulled out a 4 &3/8" meg.  The tip was damaged and it is dinged on either side near the root.  One side actually has the enamel snapped and "shoved" into the root -  pretty cool!!!  

This is the second time this summer Paleoscan has been right there when I've scored a 4+" tooth.  

The next day we decided to check out some closer Choptank "pop-outs".  After a short ride we saw that a family of 5 had beat us to this little spot.  Undeterred we went a little further and checked out the next one.  It was small, with only 50 feet of beach but wedged between  a long stretch of cliffs on both sides.  The water was pretty clear and after 3 minutes I reached down and pulled up the shamer of my Cliffs collecting career so far - a split right down the middle 5" tooth!!!  Man was I excited to see that in my hand and disappointed that it wasn't whole.  I scoured around with no luck trying to find the other half and spent time there the next day as well but I had nothing to complain about.  

We did visit some other primarily Calvert formation beaches and not much -  just some hemmies and stuff and on porpoise tooth but my weekend had already been made.  Top it off with awesome hospitality, great weather, fun runs on the jet ski and other friends gathering for dinner and drinks at the Paleoscan cabin and life just doesn't get any better than this!!!

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added9/6/2007

Goldstein's meg
paleoscan's finds

Megalodon tooth
Megalodon tooth





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