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A cold day at the Bay


This weekend was suppose to be a quite time at the bay with just me and porpoise girl, however Jayson and Amy decided at the last minute to come down and Paleoscan was able to make it on Sunday so it became a fossil trip after all.

Low tide was in the morning and I had access for the weekend north of Paleoscans pad. Went there first and found one tooth. Thats rigth, one tooth... The water was wind driven and there was lots of sand on the beach, but you could see a lot of pebbles out in the water. If the winds shifted as they were calling for overnight and calmed down, the next day would be better. After that disappointing walk and still being geared up I just walked south of Paleoscan’s place and did better, not great but better. Nothing great for teeth but I did find some cool fish bones, in fact the biggest fish vert yet from the cliffs for me.

Sunday Jayson was going to try and launch the fossilski but temps (they were calling for low 40’s, we got low 20’s) made that idea suicidal so we piled in for a drive up to the northern beaches of Calvert. I was a phosbitable host and stayed behind as Jayson and Amy took the lead with another collector we did not recognize about 100 yards in front of us. It was pretty sandy but the fossil gods smiled and a wave washed a 2½-inch Meg out of the sandn for Jayson. He was grumbling something about needing to find biogger teeth but a meg is a meg. He found another smaller one before we left but I was Meg-less.

We decided since we were all geared up to walk the beach north of Paleoscan’s place and did better than the day before. There were a great deal more of pebbles and more fossils. No megs, but I did find a large, complete snake vert. I’m not 100% sure if its fossilized but the color is right and after a week it has yet to start to stink so I think it’s the real deal.

Paleoscan showed up late on Sunday with the family so all we had time to do was hook up the jetski to take to get prepped for storage and watch my Eagles and his beloved Redskins have a great down to the wire game.

Overall, not a great haul. I will miss the jetski over the months ahead. The extended areas that we can get to with it will be missed. From now until April we will look forward to the winter freeze/thaw cycle along the cliffs and hope that they exposed numerous fossil goodies for us to find when bundled up on the beach.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added11/17/2007

Here the take for the two days. Not a lot but if the snake vetr is the real deal then its trip worthy..
snake vert
another view

an odd colored meg, and the normal stuff
an odd colored meg, and the normal stuff
sad trip...........why i dont like sunday
sad trip...........why i dont like sunday
love the smell of coprolite in the morning
love the smell of coprolite in the morning





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