February 18, 2018  
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Dead Deer Smell Bad

This was our first trip in awhile and was worth the wait. Between me being sick and working on our living room we have havent been fossiing. The last time we did go it was in the low 70's !!! we were wearing shorts and i was barefoot. It wouldnt have been good for me to go barefoot, the high was gonna get to 43 and cloudy. So we layered up to keep nice and warm. Thanks to an accident are trip was delayed a few extra minutes but we were still on time to get there before low tide. On the first walk down the beach I found a nice 1 7/8 mako and turned around because I wasn't finding anything. The tide was low and a bunch of rocks were exposed but i still wasnt finding anything so i picked up a small peice of board that was laying in the water and threw it up the beach if it wasnt for that i wouldnt have seen the meg sticking point up i could tell it was a huge tooth and was wishing for it to be whole but most of the root was broken off but it is still my biggest tooth and the largest tooth we have from maryland. My dad found a great pathologic mako that looked so fake that he walked over it twice, and the other person that was there fossiling stepped over twice! Only thing i fould tooth-wise was the nice cow shark tooth. I also found two skull cap's and another weird round fossil that we cant identify they all seem to be a sphere with a mouth cut out that looks like pac-man. It would be great if anyone could help me id it. Now I bet your asking what does any of this have to do with deer. It doesnt but the beach was covered with deer parts and a dead deer that my dad started to hack at trying to get the antlers he failed and cracked the skull open and out came this orange liquid that was once a brain, it was the worst smell ever and some of it got onto my dad. I had to deal with it for the drive back home.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added11/26/2007

does anyone know what this is we have about 5 of them and have no clue what they are

lots of makos
lots of makos
Ok days
Ok days





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