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Midnight attack on scientists cliffs

Wednesday morning  540 AM standing on matoaka cabins beach looking out at the bay. It was dark cold and the moon was out but not that bright Windy north 8-12 knots. I said a prayer and jumped in the kayak and started the long journey  to scientists cliffs. Well that was the plan at least. After about a mile of waves crashing into the boat I had to go back to shore to dump out the kayak. Went about another mile and decided to ditch the kayak right at sunrise. Did a little looking around on what seemed like some promising cliffs. NOTHING except one mako and some bone. The waves were relentless so I continued walking up the beach Yes. So two hours into the trip I made it to scientists cliffs. Almost as soon as I arrived at the cliff part I picked up a 3 inch lower in good shape about to be washed into the surf. So already the trip was worth is. I would be singing a different tune later… Anyway I walked the beach for a few hours, all the way up to parkers creek where on the sand found a 1 ¾ broken meg.  Not to many other little teeth.  In the surf I fished out another nice mako of the curved kind.   The entire trip was picking up bone.  I was chipping apart some fallen material and found a vertebrate, probably porpoise.  While I started the walk back the tide was being blown way out. Now high tide was in the morning and the water was low then so you can imagine. Ive never seen this area so blown out. I counted 5 sand bars out.  At the end of the trip I was exhausted and could barley walk. Then I had to carry a kayak up 40 stairs about 50-60 feet above sea level. That damn near killed me.

Now I have a few questions for anyone who may be familiar with collecting on the southern end of Calvert cliffs.   Why does an area your searching scream megalodon , bone everywhere shells everywhere, new falls. And there is no teeth on the beach. Not even little teeth!

I thought the trend was the farther south you go on the cliffs the larger and more frequent the megs came. And these conditions don’t happen all the time with the blown out tide.  Another question why is matoaka cabins  so pitiful. There are lots of new cliff falls being eaten by the bay but still very few teeth.  I just don’t understand. One thing could lye in the amount and size of the shells in the fossil beds.  Possibly the size of these shells cover up a lot of teeth and other fossils. ??? anyway it was a productive day with four nice ecphora shells, about 20 pounds of bone, a beautiful megalodon, a few nice makos and some huge fossilized barnacles.  Oh yes and one green oyster shell for my girlfriend. She likes green.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added11/29/2007

The haul of the day. With the nice 3 inch smiling up.
BONE BONE AND MORE BONE. Plus the vert i dug out. Some nice sized rib fragments.
coral and barnacles. one that about and inch and a half long.

waking up lates a B!T(H
waking up lates a B!T(H
relaxing day
relaxing day
Bay Graveyard
Bay Graveyard





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