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Associated Megs???

This trip really could be called "Mixed bag part two".  I had time for a quick trip this morning and once again I found a good variety of neat things.

Highlights include some porpoise ear bones, one small porpoise tooth, a single but nice cow, a bunch of good snaggletooth teeth with one having a deep reddish color, and what looks to be a thresher tooth.  Lots of basic teeth and pretty well preserved vertebra round out the trip.

The find of this trip was another meg.  Just under 2", perfect root, perfect blade and serrations, but most of the bourlette is washed out.  The interesting thing is I found another "perfect" meg, with the same basic size, color and quality exactly 2 feet apart...and five days apart.  It  wouldn't surprise me if they came from the same beast...that would be cool.  

Good hunting Chris 

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added12/14/2007


last weekend
last weekend
Low and high tide
Low and high tide
A fine March day on the beach
A fine March day on the beach





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