January 26, 2022  
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Half Off Surf and Turf!!

This report is from last Sunday.       I was able to get down to the cliffs for a while on Sunday morning and even though the wind was blowing from the NE which means larger than normal waves and therfore harder hunting it still beats staying at home!! With the waves being what they were I was scooping up anything that had that "black" fossil look.

I ended up doing ok. But both the Horse tooth and the Meg I found were broken in half! Days like this just make you want to cry. But thats fossil hunting. I did manage to find an Astralagus or ankle bone from a small horse which was my find of the day. Also found were various other teeth and vertabra.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added12/23/2007

The half Meg and Horse tooth and the astralagus from the horse.
The other bones and vertabra.

Just some odds and ends--
Just some odds and ends--
Nice Morning Hunt...Again!
Nice Morning Hunt...Again!
Easter meg anyone?
Easter meg anyone?





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