February 20, 2018  
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Tried my luck a second day.

Today is Sunday and after the monster mako yesterday I just had to try my luck again. My goal was to dig a large section of matrix and hope for the best. I finished off the little area the mako came out of. Hit another spot right beside it…Then still with no luck decided to start attacking a rather large pile. I went through tons of matrix. Throwing blocks on the beach watching them explode, searching through the soil and nothing. The tide was a lot lower then I expected. I did manage to pick up a pretty 1.25 mako on the beach. Even a cool thresher shark tooth in front of the cottages (a hair over 3/8). I wish there was more to report on but the cliffs weren’t smiling upon me today.

I know the large mako from yesterday came out of zone 17. I believe the other layer I was digging through was 14. I haven’t had to much luck in the 14 at all except for a week ago I pulled out a little black mako.

The Smiths seem to be in good health and spirits. I think the old lady plans on eating me someday soon...Every time I go in to say hi she feeds me fudge and cookies. So be careful guys!


Happy New Years everyone go toothing on your day off!

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added12/30/2007


Start of April
Start of April
low expectations on the bay
low expectations on the bay





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