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Rainy Day at the Beach 12/30/07

I headed to the beach on Sunday, and got there late as usual, around noon. At least 3 hunters that I knew of had already hit the beach that morning. I hoped that they hadn't found all the good stuff, though, and I wasn't disappointed.
As it turned out, the first find of the day was also the best! Approaching my favorite spot, I saw another hunter searching the exact little area I was heading to. He left just as I got there, and as soon as I started searching, I spotted a near-perfect 1 5/8 Meg tooth lying almost completely exposed! I don't know how the other guy could have missed it! A part of me wanted to call him back, and show him what he missed, but I didn't have the heart to do it.
I aslo found several other nice teeth, including a perfect 7/8 inch cowshark, and an equally sweet 1 1/16 Snaggletooth. Unfortunately, the rain, which was supposed to hold off until 3 pm or so, had started around 1:30 and was getting heavy by 2. Time to head in. On the way back, I spotted another great tooth- a 1 3/4 Mako thet was nestled in between some clay boulders.
My last find was a possible artifact. It's about 1 1/2 inches long, and looks almost like an arrow point, but it has a raised bump on one side. Holding it in my hand, my index fingertip rests right on the bump, and I could easily picture this tool being used to scrape hides. Or, it could just be a coincidentally shaped rock. I think its neat, though.
So anyway, I got back to my car at about 3:15, soaking wet from the rain, and made it home just in time for the kickoff of the Skins game.

Good Hunting and Happy New Year to all!
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added12/31/2007


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