January 17, 2018  
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Toothing in a Winter Wonderland

  Today was a first for me - I arrived at my favorite beach, and there was nobody else there!  Not even any footprints in the sand!  I've never had the beach to myself like that before.

  Water conditions were very good today, with an extremely low tide, but the weather sucked.  It snowed on and off all day, and the stiff wind made it even colder.  Luckily, the teeth made up for the cold!

  I found about a dozen nice Hemis today, the largest measuring  1 3/8 inches.  I also found 7 Mako teeth, the largest being 1 3/8 inches also.  Plus, I finally broke the 1 inch mark on a Contortus.  The only Meg today was a tiny, badly beaten tooth under an inch.

  My favorite tooth of the day is the perfect sand tiger.  It's 1 1/16 on the slant, has perfect double cusps on both sides, and is so shiny it looks like it's been sprayed with clear coat.

  Oddity of the day is a small sand tiger-type tooth.  It looks like a Potomac River Aquia formation Striatolamia, but was found at Calvert Cliffs, Calvert formation.  It doesn't really look beat up enough to be reworked.  Definitely strange.

  Good Hunting!



Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/24/2008

The other stuff
Nice Mako in the mud
The sweet Sand Tiger and the mystery striatolamia

1 Inch Contortus Tooth from the Cliffs
1 Inch Contortus Tooth from the Cliffs





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