December 12, 2017  
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It's good to get back out there

   I haven't been able to get out much over the last few weeks, but on Tuesday I found time to hit my favorite spot along the cliffs.  It was very cold, there was intermittent freezing rain falling, there were a half dozen other hunters on the beach, and teeth were scarce.  I had a great time out there, though.  If I don't go tooth hunting at least once a week, I start having withdrawal sickness, so this trip was definately needed!

   I didn't really find that much today, but I did get 3 nice keeper teeth.  The Hemi in the photo measures 1 7/16 inches, and even though it has some chips, it's one of the larger ones I've found at this location.  The Mako measures 1 3/16ths.  Finally the posterior Meg is 3/4 inch wide and 13/16ths on the slant.  Not a huge bounty, but enough to keep me from getting the shakes for a few days!

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added2/13/2008


one of my best trips ever!!!!
one of my best trips ever!!!!
Come on Fay!
Come on Fay!
4th of july fireworks!!!
4th of july fireworks!!!





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