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Yes, it was worth it!

  I went to my favorite beach today, not expecting to find much.  I got there about 2 1/2 hours before high tide, with a southerly wind blowing the water back up the bay.  The water was deep, dirty, and very rough.  I knew that surface hunting wasn't going to work today, so I brought along my sifter and shovel, hoping to find something decent rolling in the surf.  Unfortunately for me, the water was so deep that in most places, the surf was crashing directly against the cliff wall.

  I did manage to find one small area of gravel, and pulled two sweet little mako teeth out of my sifter.  They both measure just over an inch, but are in great condition.  After about 2 hours of finding not much else, I started heading in.  The water was even higher now, but it wasn't as rough as earlier.

  The find of the day came on the way in.  I spotted a little black speck sticking out of the clay at the base of the cliff, just above the waterline, and when I tried to pluck it out, it didn't budge.  I carefully used the point of my shovel to loosen the surrounding clay, and out popped the Isurus Retroflexus tooth seen in the center of the photo below.  It measures 1 1/8 inches on the slant.  That last tooth made the trip worthwhile!  So I then headed home, soaking wet from the surf spray, with a nice tooth and a big smile! 

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added2/18/2008


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