December 12, 2017  
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A new year

I haven't posted in a while but the cold weather has put a damper on our boat travel and easy access sites tend to get picked over even in winter.None the less here's a few posts from the last several weeks. We got to the beach a bit late with four people already near the far end,so we took it slow . When picking up a vert half buried in the sand ,something shiney was left in the hole . I reached in an pulled out a strange curved 1 1/2 " meg . It has has some tip damage but once you have at least one tooth over an inch it makes day seem brighter. With so many people on the beach I checked out the tops of several falls .It paid off ,finding 2 ephoria ,some different size fish verts and a few hemi mixed in with the shells from zone 10.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added3/7/2008


good start to the toothing season
good start to the toothing season
yesterday made it look easy
yesterday made it look easy





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