May 24, 2022  
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Always something new

Last weekend I spent about 5 hours on a beach…About 2.5 hours on sat and sun.  I had a total disregard for time of day, tides, and winds all weekend. Didn’t check any weather reports I just thought the beach would produce something.

I wish I didn’t have a problem loading to many picture because ide love to send all of them. But the drooler for Saturday is an under developed mako tooth. Decent size and  gorgeous in color. Also a few nice other makos.  And a one inch worn meg.



A 2 inch jet black mako PERFECT. Along with the best example of a makeral shark tooth from the bay thus far.


Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added4/1/2008

killer mako. The first of its kind for me. The tooth is real light. And the enamal is as thin paper.

Odd color, perfect posterior
Odd color, perfect posterior
Birthday Run
Birthday Run
Another first!
Another first!





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