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a little late

We were adding some recent finds to a display case today and realized we had forgotten to post a trip report. We got to the beach early yet already we had three people working the beach in front of us. Overnight the winds had blown the tide out,but now the bay was calm and clear.We walked the wide shallow flats picking up verts and bone ,waiting on the people in front.All three had made it to a far at the far end of the beach and for what seemed like hours hoverd around it.Finally one by one they walked back past us ,saying they wern't finding any good teeth.I could see their point we had only found a few teeth even a inch long and with no waves nothing more was coming .Still we walked down the end of the beach to check it out.As soon as I stepped past the fall ,I saw a 2" meg just in the middle of the beach surrounded by footprints.I ran over an took a picture before scooping it up.Knowing the waves push the best stuff in small sections .I carefully scan the gravel . Bingo ! I see a second root hidden in the shells a foot from the first.Not waiting for a picture I rip it out of the sand ,only to find part of the tip missing.Now Im exicited ,I rake through the gravel with my fingers and out pops a third meg from the same three foot section.This one is tan ,worn and a little smaller but whole.Feeling spent I started to walk back past the fall ,but I spotted something white trapped between some large rocks.Instead of a dead fish like I normally pull out, it turns out to be a complete fossil drum fish jaw.At least it wasn't me stepping over the big teeth today.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added4/4/2008


A Huntinn with Govinn
A Huntinn with Govinn
Slim pickin
Slim pickin's





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