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cousins are bad luck

well i get a call from my cousin he says he wants to fossil, i say sure its always nice to have someone to fossil with. So we get up normal time and get to the boat ramp and everything is normal but as we start to pull out of the marina the motor comes to a stop. It wouldnt come back on....so we sit there out in the water for about 15 min., and my father says he is going to give it one last try. So I begin to pray to the fossil gods and sure enough it works!!!! I dont know how but it did!!!! We get to the beach and i show my cousin what to do and what to look for ( a little prep for the forum fossil trip coming up) and about 20 feet from the boat i find a 2" meg covered up with a little in about a foot of water. I thought to myself man that made my day and everything else will be gravy ( i think thats right lol ) A few feet from the meg i find the biggest of the day nothing to be happy about but its a tooth. My cousin is doing pretty good for his first trip pulling out 2 shark verts within a few feet of each other. It gets pretty slow, just finding the normal tiger sharks and hemi teeth and a cow shark mixed in there somewhere. Soon i see a familiar face, the guy from my last trip who always talks about how it was back in the old days where they would sell 6" megs for $25!!!! We begin looking and he shows me this odd shaped bone, and he asks me you know what this is right? I say no, he tells me its a pipe that the indians would use to smoke. I got to hold it and then he takes it away i wanted an indian artifact so bad!!!!! A little ways down the beach i see something else odd so i pick it up, it was a nice sturgeon scute!!! and it had great texture, must of just fallen out of the cliffs. We went home soon after 1 becuase it was getting slow and 2 we thought the storms were coming ( they didnt get to us untill 10pm) but i was happy anyway
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added7/20/2008


Maybe a bird skull???
Maybe a bird skull???
Nice little crab
Nice little crab
The drought is over !!  My cup runneth over !!!
The drought is over !! My cup runneth over !!!





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