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Come on Fay!

  It's been a while since I posted a trip from the Bay.  Actually, it's been almost a month since anyone posted a Bay trip.  I'd bet that every other Bay hunter is in the same boat as me: I'm still going out every week, but I'm just not finding much.  We haven't seen any real storms in a good while, so there haven't been any new falls, and nothing is eroding out of the cliff.  At the same time, the number of people collecting there has skyrocketed.  The beach has been picked over so completely that surface hunting is a losing game, and sifting gravel isn't much better.  I'm really hoping that Tropical Storm Fay comes right over the bay and knocks a bunch of new material loose!

  Today, I had my best trip in a month.  No Megs, no big Makos, but I found some sweet smaller teeth.  I got two Cowshark teeth today, both uppers, one lateral and one parasymphyseal.  I also found three Threshers, 2 A. latidens and one A. superciliosus, but unfortunately two of them have chipped roots. 

  The second picture below is a half Meg that I found a few weeks ago, and tried to upload in the forum about large Bay teeth.  It was the only notable find that day.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added8/16/2008

Just shy of 4"

Just some odds and ends--
Just some odds and ends--
Easter meg anyone?
Easter meg anyone?
Nice Morning Hunt...Again!
Nice Morning Hunt...Again!

- 8/17/2008
Reviewer : bmorefossil from
Total Rating : 9
nice little meg you got there lol, to bad its not whole. At least you found some other stuff Content Quality : 8 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 9 of 10
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