January 28, 2023  
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a nice trip again but still not many makos

Things seemed slow at first, there wasnt much around but i was able to find an exposed block under the sand and in it was a 2" meg. A few feet down the beach i find a smaller reworked meg. My dad finally catches up, I look down in the water and see a rock, didnt look like anything so i walked over it. My dad picks it up and it ends up being a nice meg! He also found 2 coprolites. I found a broken fish skull cap and when i get home i find that my dad found the other half. I found a real nice cow shark, missing the root but still nice. We also found a sturgeon scute, a few nice fish verts, and a nice shark vert.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added8/17/2008


Slow Day
Slow Day
Launch of the "Fossil Flyer"
Launch of the "Fossil Flyer"
Easter meg anyone?
Easter meg anyone?





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