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an odd colored meg, and the normal stuff

Well we had problems with the boat again, it took over an hour to get it going but when we got to the beach there was no one there!!!! whats the chances of that and to make it better there in the water was the best looking gravel i have ever seen. My dad walks down the beach and finds a nice meg, I stay at the gravel and start to rake. First i get a meg with a little of the root broken, then a few makos. Soon my dad comes back and in one of my gravel piles i see a root!!!!! I pull out a perfect deformed posterior meg. Then my dad walks over to one of the piles and finds a nice lower hemi. I also found a meg in the shape of an arrow head but i dont think it was used as one.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added8/17/2008


Tried my luck a second day.
Tried my luck a second day.
catching up...Trip from 12-23-07
catching up...Trip from 12-23-07
Rainy Day at the Beach 12/30/07
Rainy Day at the Beach 12/30/07





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