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What Happened to Hannah?

  Even though Tropical Storm Hannah wasn't as severe around here as was forecast, I still had to go out to the Bay on Sunday to see if the storm had improved the hunting conditions.  The weather was great, and I couldn't get there until about noon, so I wasn't surprised to see the parking lot completely filled at Brownies Beach.  As I walked down to the beach, I was hoping that the water was low enough to allow me to get to the prime hunting areas and check out all the new falls following the storm.  When I reached the beach, though I couldn't believe my eyes- the tide was completely blown out!  By 2:30, the water level was about as low as I've seen it this year.  So much for the flooding.

  I headed around the corner to the hunting area, and the whole world was out there looking for teeth.  People everywhere.  Thousands of footprints in the sand, because that's all there was- sand!  Very little shell or stone on the beach, just sand everywhere.  As far as the new falls go- there are none.  No new falls at all, and very little of the old ones got washed out. 

  So basically, the storm did nothing to improve hunting conditions, and may have even made them worse by dumping a boatload of new sand on the beach.  The photo below shows just about everything I found today.   No Megs, no Makos.  I did find a sweet upper Cowshark, a Thresher, a really nice Hammerhead, a tiny Sharpnose tooth, and a cool turtle carapace plate. 

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added9/7/2008

Not exactly my best haul ever.

Tried my luck a second day.
Tried my luck a second day.
catching up...Trip from 12-23-07
catching up...Trip from 12-23-07





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