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A link to the past

So would there be more than 30 people on the beach this weekend, no but there were still more than i usually see, as soon as we got to the beach we could tell it was gonna be good but at the same time could tell it was sandy, i guess all that sand from brownies came down. The water water up to about 3 feet deep was crystal clear, so we were on the look for big teeth. About 20 feet from the boat my dad finds a meg/chub. I stayed around where he found the meg and he kept walking down the beach, there was really nothing for me, I would find the normal medium sized hemis. and makos and tiger shark teeth. I kept looking in blocks but was only finding little teeth, then i saw this red block with a black bone in it, as i cracked the block in half i notice a sperm whale tooth sticking out the side. So i chuck most of the block and take the part with the sperm whale tooth to the boat. So i deside to head down the beach, and ask "the lady" if she had found anything, well when ever i see her she always has this mean look on her face but today she had a smile on her face....... something wasnt right. So i ask her what she had found, she tells me nothing and then smiles again!!! So she keeps on walking and when she gets down to this other person she begins to talk with them....... i know she must have found something nice and didnt want to tell me. I didnt care, so i kept on heading down the beach, found a little cow shark and a few more little teeth. I finally get to my dad and he shows me his 2" mako, a croc tooth and some other nice stuff. At least he found some stuff in front of her. I tell him i cleaned up down by the boat and that we should just go to where he found the mako. The water was really nice down where he went, i was still finding stuff even after he looked through all of it. I see this black tooth in the water, looked like a meg, but when i pick it up i see its not a meg but a point!!!!! my first one!!!! IT is so sharp it cut my finger. I was so happy i called my dad over and showed him. He wasnt as happy but still, it pumped me up. I wasnt sure how fragile they are so i had it in my had all the way down the beach. As the tide came in and the people left it seemed that with each wave we lost more and more fossils until my dad finds this beautiful chub that must have been knocked loose from bottom layer on the same wave it came in on!!! We walk back to the beach and i bend down and i see a tip, I go no way this is to good to be true, well yea it was, i pull it out and it was broken.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added10/7/2008


Whale of a Cow...oops... Whale AND a Cow.
Whale of a Cow...oops... Whale AND a Cow.
Casting off with "USS Fossil"
Casting off with "USS Fossil"
not much around today
not much around today

Nice Report! - 10/8/2008
Reviewer : dw from Summerville South Carolina United States
Total Rating : 10
You guys made some great finds! The point and the chub are excellent. That bourlette doesn't look like its ever been exposed to wear. Congrats and thanx for sharing. Content Quality : 10 of 10
A killer chub and a point - awesome!

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10
Good thing I have a drool shield over my keyboard.

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
Nice and clear so I can see every serration!
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