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i guess it was worth droping the cell phone over

Well on saturday the weather was really bad, 4-5 foot waves and with those waves a boat sank, one guy broke his arm. So we didnt go on saturday

Sunday, the water is dead calm so i call a few people and ask them to come down and fossils with us. We get to the beach and its a total sand box but the water was crystal clear you could walk out into 5 feet deep of water and see the bottom, as we started to look in the water in became obvious that this is where all the stuff would be. First time down the beach we find 3 megs, all around the same spot. Then we go back down the other way, ask the guys if they had found anything and then moved on. On the second trip down we took the boat to where we found the megs at, i find another meg and broken meg. I hear my dad yelling my name but i was in no hurry to get down the beach, well he first shows me the skeleton in the cliff, and then tells me the story how he found a 1 3/4 inch mako and a small meg and then dropped his cell phone but when he bent down he saw this huge tooth way out in the water!!!! A huge mako!!!!! 2 5/8"+. We walk back and forth a few more times but still nothing was showing up.

but we did come out with 5 megs and our biggest mako
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added10/7/2008


Associated Megs???
Associated Megs???
Unknown Fish? Fossil from Calvert Cliffs, MD
Unknown Fish? Fossil from Calvert Cliffs, MD
Half Off Surf and Turf!!
Half Off Surf and Turf!!





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