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A good way to start the year

On a hot tip from one of thA duDe's friends, I went to check out this creek in Charleston at lunch last week. There was gravel all over the bottom, but the water was so filthy that I couldn't see. That place will have to be sifted. On a hunch, I decided to walk the creek back into the woods. I came across a new housing development :-) They dug a pond right next to the creek and its banks were literally covered with gravel. I walked it as well as the piles and the field where much of other piles had been spread, but I found myself scooped. Someone else had already walked the field, so I didn't find anything. I was sure there was something there, though, so I decided then that after the next rain, I would go. Well, it just so happened that it rained nicely last night, so I took tha boy out there so he could find some teeth, too. Well, it was apparently a pretty good rain because we found a bunch of teeth. He actually found a whole meg! From then on, he really didn't look much more because he was already satisfied for the day. I continued to hunt for a little while longer, but in about 2 hours we cleaned the field. Here's another spot we'll have to watch.

Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/1/2003

Here is a pic of my son holding the meg he found today.

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