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I want rain!!!

Yesterday, I noticed that, in addition to the new ditch, the county had cleaned out the porno ditch, too. Today, I decided to walk it and see if there were any teeth hanging out of the edge. On the way, I stopped at Taco Bell, so even if I didn't find anything, at least I had a good lunch. For the first time, I walked to the end of the ditch so now I know where it goes. The ditch has layer all over the bottom, and with the cleaning, now has layer hanging out of the edge. I didn't find much in the edge, but the bottom was nice. There were teeth to be found, but they were all coated with an orange slime. I don't know where it came from but its good camoflage, that's for sure. With some good rain, though, the edges will produce nicely.

Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/4/2003


A break in the drought
A break in the drought





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