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A break in the drought

Today, almost the whole gang got together for a trip to Candyland. There had been a lot of work done since we last came out, but still, 2/3 of the area was huntable. Of course, we hunted the edges first since that's where the new stuff is eroding out. Then after that, though, its off to the middle of the pond where there are deposits spread out all over the place. In most places there are islands of Wando Formation resting atop a sea of dark grey Chandler Bridge. The rain pummeled the whole area, and there were teeth poking out from all over the place. The workers dug up huge areas of Chandler and turned them over just before the last rain. As I saw some chunks of the gooey stuff as big as the back of my truck, I wondered how many gigantic angustidens were just waiting to be picked up on future trips? The thought of it all makes me hope they cease working on the pond until we can get out there again! Well, we were only out there for 4 hours, but in that time the 5 of us managed to clean out the whole place. We gathered at the end of the day and compared our finds, and we all found something good. da f0ssZ found just about the most awesome Oligocene Benedeni that I've ever seen and a nice great white; thA duDe found a gigantic thresher - the second biggest I've ever seen. And its in fantastic condition, too! My dad found a killer 2 1/2" Isurus desori, and even though 2th hoover couldn't pinpoint his best find of the day, I'm sure there was something good in that bag full of goodies he had. I found the most perfect isurus desori that I've ever found, as well as a decent mako and great white. We met at Taco Bell afterwards, and it was a meal befitting a successful 2thin excursion. The new Monterey chicken Quesadilla is AWESOME!!!!

Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/8/2003







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