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Surprise Guests and a Trip to Remember

After our hearty meal at the ultimate restaurant, we headed off to the porno ditches. Roy took the smaller ditch, and Ed and I shared the big one. We picked up a few teeth here and there, but nothing great. We had a few moments where excitement piqued as we dug megs out of the layer, but none were whole and it quickly faded. Ed commented that he had always heard stored about people digging teeth right out of the layer when they saw the root sticking out, but had never experienced it first-hand. Well, today, he did. Even though the tooth was ultimately broken, he still found it just like he wanted. We all got back to the truck, and the rush hour traffic jam gave us a little more time to talk about fossils. On the way home, I pointed out a few more places where I had hunted in the past, but we didn't stop. All of us were tired, but we at least we all had something to show for the lower back pain we'll all undoubtedly be feeling the next few days!
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/11/2003


The POS earns its name
The POS earns its name
Tha duDe
Tha duDe's on FirE!
I’m on a meg streak
I’m on a meg streak





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