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The Winds of Change

Everyone was hyped because today was the first dive of the year. However, we awoke to rainy, cloudy, windy, and cold weather. That translates to miserable conditions for diving. We were all in agreement with the choice not to go, but that left us with the decision of where to go instead. Since we had so much rain last night, I made the call to Candyland and we were in. Since they are actively working that area, the hunting area is getting smaller each time we go, but still, its one of the best spots around. It only took tha duDe, da f0ssZ, and me about 3 hours to clean the place out, but everyone ended up with something awesome. I had a killer 2" angustidens, df had 2 smaller nice ones, and tha duDe stole the show with his fantastic set of associated croc teeth.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/19/2003


Unknown mollusk
Unknown mollusk
Dermal Scute
Dermal Scute





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