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The Winds of Change

We started out the day in dissapointment since we had planned to dive. The sky was angry, my friends, and diving was out for the day. With a stroke of genuis, Ditch developed a fossil collecting plan on-the-fly. We headed off to Candyland with mixed emotions. After a few hours of collecting, Ditch and I crossed paths and tore into some primo Chandler layer. I scored 4 nice Angys, and DW had a sweet one. We decided that the Bell was beckoning, so we found tHa Dude and began to drool at the site of his premium croc teeth.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added5/19/2003

This is the total haul sans angys.
The quartet of primo angustidens teeth harvested from Candyland.

A new, unbelievably rich spot
A new, unbelievably rich spot





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