September 21, 2023  
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Tha duDe's on FirE!

I had the day off today, and my initial plans were to get out early and hunt all day. A nightmarish traffic jam that lasted from 6:30 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon killed those plans, though. Its like Summerville was in a hellish traffic jam all day, so all the good spots were being excellently guarded by walls of motorists. I prepared for tomorrow's dive trip, though, so I didn't waste the day. In the evening, tha duDe came over and we went out to Top Secret hoping to find something washed out by the big thunderstorms we've been having lately. We found little walking the diminishing number of piles, so our thoughts turned to digging the ever-faithful pit. 30 minutes in, I got tired of digging and decided to go walk another area again when tha duDe hit paydirt - a perfect, gorgeous 3 3/4" megalodon tooth. Then an almost awesome mako. I decided to forego my walking plans in favor of digging plans over near tha duDe. I dug there until dark without finding another tooth. On the way back to the truck, though, I came across a tomato plant growing at the base of one of the piles. It was loaded with ripe, red roma tomatos, and I figured since I didn't have teeth filling my pockets, I should go ahead and load them with tomatoes! It didn't so much bother me that I didn't find any teeth because I knew we would be diving in 12 hours. I ate my consolation taco bell in awe of tha duDe's fortune lately. His ship has come in, and its loaded with megs!
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/11/2003


The illness and the payoff
The illness and the payoff
A good way to start the year
A good way to start the year
A nice lunch hunt
A nice lunch hunt





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