September 30, 2022  
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I’m on a meg streak

Today this afternoon I decided to go out to Top Secret mainly because the guys aren’t working today and that I will be leaving to Florida this wed. so I want to get in all the toothing time I can get and school is just around the corner unfortunately. Someone had already walked all the hot spots, but they did miss a area along the ditch that is covered with sewage everywhere. It was a terrible smell and of course it all goes away when you find a whole meg in which I did and I also found this cool tusk, not to sure what animal its from yet, but I’m guessing its walrus.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/27/2003

A shot of the tooth before I picked it up

4 1/2" Megalodon Shark Tooth
4 1/2" Megalodon Shark Tooth
8" Sperm Whale Tooth
8" Sperm Whale Tooth





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