September 30, 2022  
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Heartbreaker at the cesspool

I went back to the cesspool today and I had my best day there so far. Based on what I found, I know there is some really nice stuff to be found there - I just have to keep digging to find it. From left to right, I found: a sperm whale tooth, half a giant sloth tooth, a 3" Mako, a 5" meg, and a 2" Angustidens. That mako is coincidentally the largest Mako I have ever found. Too bad I wrecked it with the shovel. The thing was perfect until I came along. That's the risk you take, though, when you dig. Where there are rocks everywhere, the shovel has to go in somewhere. I almost cried, man.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/17/2001


A good way to start the year
A good way to start the year
A nice lunch hunt
A nice lunch hunt
I want rain!!!
I want rain!!!





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