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T$ in the zone

After a long week, I was ready to get out and find some teeth. T$, tha duDe, and I went out to Top Secret hoping to use the last two hours before sunset to find some nice teeth. I found nothing great, even though I dug like a madman for the entire time. tha duDe also came up empty handed, but t$ tore it up. I'm sure he'll be making a post because he found one of the best megs I've seen in a long time. Taco Bell gave tha duDe the vindication he needed, though, as he got two free tacos thanks to cashier error. I'm gonna have to go out this week some more - I've got the fossil hunting itch!
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/13/2003


T$ in the zone
T$ in the zone





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