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Piles of splendor!

Its been quite a while since I've hunted Candyland, and I thought that the place was overdue for a good pillaging. It was nasty, rainy and cold - just like I like it. No sweating, no heat exhaustion, and I never ran out of water. The spot was nothing like I remembered it. No matter, because there were teeth all over the place. Every square inch of the place was absolutely covered with fossil bearing material, so I had to move slow and keep my eyes peeled. I only hunted for 4 hours, but it took me that long to cover the massive mounds of black chandler bridge and wando formation. Even though I came away with a massive quantity of stuff, almost none of it was complete. I did manage a sweet Thresher, a killer hemipristis, a shamer of a crocodile tooth, and a big tiger. Don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining - hunts with this kind of quantity where I don't have to dig are few and far between.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/19/2004

I can't say it enough - hunts where you find this many fossils just lying out in the open are absolutely FUN!

1 3/16" Snaggletooth Shark Tooth
1 3/16" Snaggletooth Shark Tooth
1 1/16" Giant Thresher Shark Tooth
1 1/16" Giant Thresher Shark Tooth
1 1/8" Tiger Shark Tooth
1 1/8" Tiger Shark Tooth
2 1/2" Crocodile tooth
2 1/2" Crocodile tooth





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