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Certain Deeds

tha duDe met up with me early this morning and we scooted out to one of our favorite land spots of all time. All you have to do here is keep your eyes peeled and the fossils are everywhere. The spot had changed a bunch since we last collected because the center of the pit has been almost entirely scooped away. All that remains now (as far as fossil deposits are concerned, anyway) is the gravel that is falling out of the edges around the edge of the pit. There are still a ton of fossils to be found here, and we split up as soon as we got there and each hunted a different side. I picked up a bunch of stuff in the 2 and a half hours we collected, but nothing amazing. I met back up with tha duDe on the far side of the pit and as we were hunting the last section of gravel nearly side by side, he made the find of the day - a massive, near perfect giant thresher tooth. Its the baddest thresher I've ever seen found. Even though I would love to have found it, I'm glad he came back with it. He was totally due.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/2/2005

This was just a great ground shot, even though neither of the teeth was 100% killer. On the left side of the photo is a sand tiger tooth, and on the right an angustidens as I found them eroding from the Chandler Bridge Formation.

My Largest Angustiden Yet and a Bunch of Pieces.
My Largest Angustiden Yet and a Bunch of Pieces.
Labor Day Shamer
Labor Day Shamer
Fun times in Charleston S.C
Fun times in Charleston S.C





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