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The Fossil Frigidaire

I called up DW for a unexpected toothin' trip and not suprisingly he was ready to collect at a moments notice. I sorted out a few things around the house to avoid fosstility, and arrived at DW's early for the trip. We decided to hit an old haunt that has produced greatly in the past. This spot has dark Chandler Bridge and has produced some amazing angustidens. As we exited DW's truck, old man winter greeted us with temps in the low 30s accompanied by 30 mph winds. Parts of the collecting area were frozen, a rarity in the Low Country. We hunted a little together at the beginning and through my watering eyes I saw a killer root sticking out. Denied. Check out the close-up of the angy with the dinged tip. Sometimes you're the statue, sometimes you're the pigeon. DW and I split up for a few hours and met back to scour a newer area. It was DWs turn to be the statue with a shamer angy of his own. We both were a little down, but nothing some Tex-Mex could not cure.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added1/23/2005

The total haul of the day. No keepers but a bag filler.

My Shamer Angy
My Shamer Angy





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