November 23, 2017  
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Big "Q"

DW and I had been scheming one last river run before it got too cold. And after gazing upon his latest monster Angy, I was (Navier) Stoked!! Actually, I was feeling more empircal and wanted to deduce "h"....... This trip was fluid heat transfer 101! We suited up around 1100AM and quickly learned of a moving fluids' thermal capacity. I swam around looking for a nice spot to fan, and finally decided to work some layer for that elusive angy right out of the formation. No such luck today, so I decided to fan deeper gravel beds. I finally scored a decent Oligocene Benedini and a few whole river angys. The day got cloudier and as my hands began to numb into a fanned-shaped form, a small piece of enamel caught my eye. As often happens underwater, the tooth looked only partial, but upon closer inspection, the tooth was a posterior, patho angy. Sweetness!! I kept fanning out smaller teeth, and a small jaw bone. Unfortunately, what I kept thinking as I shivered in the river, was the thermal load leaving my body was big as a result of the large convection coeffiecient between my 98F body and the 60F Edisto. Oh, in case you are curious...simply put.....Q=hA [T2-T1]....Anyway, I bagged a couple more punies, and then headed back to the boat. Tooth of the day went to Edisto Mike; he got about a 3" angy. Congrats!! See yall in the river in 2010.

1 available
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added10/12/2009

Decent haul for the limited bottom time.

Last Dive of 2009
Last Dive of 2009
Pathological Posterior Angustiden
Pathological Posterior Angustiden





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