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A spot to secure the future

Since the developments are nearing completion, I feared the end of toothing. Such fear sent me on a mad hunt for a new place to find teeth. After weeks of driving and researching, da f0ssZ and I took the plunge and decided to try our luck in a new place. We mapped out several possible locations and headed off with the sifting gear to try our luck. The first spot we tried was where we would spend the rest of the day. We got into the water and stuck the shovel in, and within minutes, we struck fossil gold. A 2 3/4" perfect angy. Just BEAUTIFUL! Since he was working the basket and I was working the shovel when we found it though, who would keep it? Fosspitality got the best of me, and da f0ssZ took the first prize. He can't come down very often, so its only fair, you know? Anyway, we decided not to play any longer and we drove back to my house to get some scuba gear and tanks. We got back in about an hour and a half and were suited up within 10 minutes. That's the FASTEST I've ever put on scuba gear! Da f0ssZ needed help with his regulator, and I was there to lend a helping hand. Unfortunately, when I was done I clocked him good with it right in the eye. I thought he was gonna pass out! He took it well, though. I'm sure he embellished the story a bit when he told his wife though. I wish I was there to hear it! When he emailed me later, he said (and I quote) "I am an artist - I suffer for my work." Back to the story, now. We were underwater for a total of about four and a half hours, and we fanned like fools! I guess the early angy was a fluke because neither of us found anything close the rest of the day. I actually didn't start to find anything until I started drifting, but I didn't go too far because it was the end of the day and I didn't want to walk all the way back to the truck in full gear. Most of the stuff in the picture I found in the last 20 minutes of the day. Next time I go back, there's no question about what I'm doing!
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/5/2002


1 3/8" Sand Tiger Shark Tooth
1 3/8" Sand Tiger Shark Tooth





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