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My new one day record!

Early this afternoon, we set out to the Edisto River. thA duDe has been jonesin all week to get out there since he heard about last week. Again, the weather was perfect, and we were in the water by noon. We went a little further than we did last week, and it was well worth it! I just couldn't quit picking up teeth. They were everywhere down there. I've never found more than I did today. I really didn't find that much quality, though. I came away with one nice Mako, which was cool. As long as I have something to put in my display cases, I'm happy. It is SO much fun to just pick up tooth after tooth! I also saw lots of pottery down there, too, but I didn't pick any of it up because I didn't have room in my dive bag. I did find something a little out of the ordinary, though. A big pair of hemostats (not pictured). They are the big doctor kind - you know, surgical steel and all. I wondered while I was diving just how those got down there. The best I could do was some burnouts were drifting down the river smokin a big doob, and they were so wasted that they dropped their wastoid tools in the water. I imagined their conversation - "Dude! You're totally bogartin' tha spliff!" "No way man, here it … oops, I think I dropped it. We are so wasted…" When they sobered up they were drifting down the intercoastal waterway somewhere around Beaufort. And just in case you're wondering, there wasn't a roach in the 'stats! Anyway, back to the fossils. thA duDe didn't find as much as I did, but he found better stuff. One flawless 2 11/16" angustidens and another 2 13/16" that would have been perfect if the tip weren't the tiniest bit rounded. He was so psyched! I remember one time out there, he poked his head above the water and said "Dude, this rules!" Then he went back under. I wish it never had to end! It is SUCH a long time until next Saturday!
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/10/2002


2 1/2" Mako Shark Tooth
2 1/2" Mako Shark Tooth





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