May 24, 2022  
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What did we do to deserve such luck?

Da f0ssZ rolled into town today and we hit the Edisto like a vengence. The day started of with a bad omen - f0ssZ's bag fell off and he almost lost it. Total suckage, but he found it and there was no damage done. J of the golden shovel showed up and we had a mad fossil fest. We were all over this one spot almost the whole day, and for good reason. Check out the haul! We were picking up teeth every few seconds. At one point when we were both on the surface, da f0ssZ said one of those things that just hit me right and cracked me up. "Dude, if I didn't have to eat or go to work, this is all I would do!" Its funny because we've all thought it at one point or another! I finished hunting several hours later and went over to da f0ssZ since we rolled in his ride. He motioned that he wanted to finish up with the spot he was in and needed like 10 more minutes, so I swam over to this other place and started fanning. And within a few seconds, I had found my two best teeth of the day. How could this be? I find awesome stuff, its time to go? It was tough to leave because we knew how many teeth we were leaving behind. I guess its better to leave some for next time. Then it was off to the Bell. What great fosslin' day would be complete without a run for the border? No, I'm not sponsored by Taco Bell, I just LOVE it. When I got home, it was time to clean the teeth. My 2 year old son (to be known as the wEezLinG from this point forward) was there to help. And we all know how much help 2 year olds can be! Seriously, he did ok. He knows that teeth are my toys, and he doesn't throw them, ingest them, or otherwise harm them in any way. He just points and says "daddy, TEETH!" Its cute. Cleaning river teeth is tough because they have this film on them that is resistant to just about everything. I tried soaking them in vinegar water last time, but it didn't seem to help much. It did loosen the crud, but not much. Today, I tried toothpaste. I figured, hey, it works on mine. And it worked! Believe it or not it took the crud right off. But in all fairness, there weren't any seriously filth encrusted teeth today, but I'll be using the toothpaste method again. BTW, the vinegar - water method works to remove crust and corrosion. The toothpaste won't touch that stuff, but it works for the surface stains. Saturday is so far away!
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/26/2002

Starting at the top and working right to left, they are: Shark vertebra, pyritized petrified wood (totally cool looking in person), a double rooter squalodon tooth with one of the root lobes snapped off (dang!), shark vertebra, half a spear point (WHAT A BUMMER!), saw fish tooth.

What did we do to deserve such luck?
What did we do to deserve such luck?





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